The Unsuitable Earl

~ COMING IN 2016 ~

GinaBlack_TheUnsuitableEarl_200pxIn the spring of 1665…

After rising from stable boy to the Earl of Ashton, all Jeremy Welles wants from life is to eat, drink, be merry, and forget he’s been elevated into a position he’s eminently unequal to. But then he meets Lady Eliza Stanfield…

Strong willed and spoiled, Lady Eliza has no intention of ever marrying. So when she finds herself being courted by the awkward and unassuming Earl of Ashton, she sees an opportunity she can exploit—an unsuitable suitor—one she can use as a shield against her parents and their prospects.

Then the plague breaks out. The Stanfields flee London to their country estate, bringing Jeremy and other nobles in their tow. Away from the constant party that has been his life, will Jeremy find himself happier and more welcome in the stables or the drawing room? And will Eliza allow her heart to be captured and herself to be tamed by the unsuitable young Earl of Ashton?

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