Gifts for Writers

Yes, it’s that time of year again! Let’s put up those trees, polish our menorahs, don our kaftans, and search out gifts for our loved ones. It isn’t always easy to find something for the writer in your life. They spend so many hours staring at a computer screen, drinking coffee, and muttering, it’s hard to see what they need (besides hours of therapy). In the past, you’ve bought them clever writing mugs and t-shirts, and now you want to get them something more practical. Herewith are some of my suggestions.

aquanotesAqua Notes for writing down ideas in the shower or bath are such a cool idea. I got myself a pad several months ago and have used them to capture many slippery ideas that otherwise might have gone right down the drain. As ridiculous as it may seem, I got them for myself without even considering that I CAN’T SEE WITHOUT MY GLASSES. And what happens when you wear glasses into the shower? You need windshield wipers (and a defogger). Still, while not always easy to decipher, I can usually figure out my handwriting much faster than I can remember what it is I’ve forgotten.

A showerspeakerWaterproof Bluetooth Speaker is another good gift for the water writer in your life–you know, that writer who gets in the shower or tub when they’re searching out plot threads. With one of these, they can easily take their music with them. They can even listen to their computer read them their story. These speakers come in all sorts of marvelous colors, or simply black for that sleek look. They attach to the tile (or wall) with a suction cup and contain a rechargeable battery.

fountainpensFountain Pens are a writers’ best friend, and Jet Pens is the best place to buy pens on the Internet. Their fountain pens come at all levels, from the disposable Pilot Petit1 Mini Pen set of 8 (they are also available as singles) to my favorite Kaweco fountain pens. They also carry fountain pen inks in myriad gorgeous colors. If you can’t decide what to get your writer, you can always give them a gift card to this place.

clairfontaineTo go with those beautiful fountain pens, your writer is going to need Clairefontaine Notepads. They are made of what is simply the nicest paper to write on. Fountain pens (and markers) don’t bleed through and glide smoothly across the sheets. These notepads come in all shapes and sizes, but my favorites are these and these.

paperwhiteAll writers–including self-confessed luddites–should own an e-reader, and in my opinion the best one out there is the Amazon Kindle (Paperwhite). Whether your writer is  traditionally published, independently published, or not published yet, embracing electronic reading is a necessary thing for a writer because that’s how so many readers read books. I prefer the Paperwhite because it is small and light, and I especially love  how it glows at night so I can read without an additional light source. It can also be used in bright sunlight with no glare. Plus, for traveling with books, nothing beats taking them on a Kindle. While a case isn’t necessary, it will protect the device. I got this one, in the floral red and I just love it.

So… if you’re stuck on the mug idea, you could also get something to go in it. Harney and Sons and Seven Cups both carry exquisite teas.

And, of course, if you just have to get the writer another t-shirt, there’s always this one.

Finally, the writer in your life is sure to enjoy these useful Shakespearean Insult Bandages. While they may not help with plot points or characterization, writers who have been encouraged to bleed onto the page will find them very useful.