Adventures with the ACA

In California,  we have until December 15 to renew  health insurance through the new marketplace. Last week I logged on and ended up in a Gilliamesque warren of bureaucratic malfunction that I’d hoped would clear itself up. But, alas, that sort of thing never does.

Just for fun, I’ll give you the highlights….

Somehow…my DH is listed as the primary holder of the account. That means they wouldn’t talk to me (there was this little problem of needing my password reset) because I wasn’t authorized. They would only speak to him even though HIS insurance is NOT through CoveredCA. He had to get on the phone and name me me an “Authorized Representative” so I could talk to them. (Yes, there is a chance that last year when I was filling things out on their convoluted and confusing website I put him first which is how they picked him up but they tell me THEY CAN’T CHANGE IT. *ridiculous*)

Somehow…even though there is basically NO change to our household income the website is showing that my eligibility for subsidy has disappeared.

Somehow…their online mailbox–that contains a message about my eligibility–is corrupt and won’t display messages. Instead I get a screen and a half of error codes.

So today when I saw that hadn’t automatically righted itself, I called in and spent almost 45 minutes on hold with Milton (what a great name) while he took that same time to speak with the “customer relation team” to finally report back that my account has been messed up by a “glitch” (imagine some slimy Seuss-ian beastie). Having worked in television for thirty-two years, I have a familiarity with glitches and their unpredictable and destructive nature. This one is also affecting some other customers and they are working on it. It should be fixed in TWO WEEKS.

If all goes well, I’ll still be within the renewal window.

Gina’s Authorized Representative