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“I think the hardest part about writing is writing.”
–Nora Ephron

Who watched the Oscars last week and saw the clip of Nora Ephron during the “In Memoriam” section where she said this? I don’t know any writer who doesn’t agree with it. There are days when getting words on the page (or screen) is like wrestling with demons or dictionaries or even toddlers who haven’t had their naps. Sometimes a book exists because a writer has a long stream of days like that and simply didn’t give up.

There are writers who will tell you about books that wrote themselves. I have never been lucky enough to have one do that. Yet. Although I have had parts of books write themselves, I have also had parts of books unwrite themselves. This occasionally happens when the story takes off in a direction that ends up leading nowhere. You’d think that because I plot things out ahead of time that this wouldn’t happen? Well, it does.

So far, none of that has happened yet with The Unsuitable Earl. I am making steady progress. It is, however, much slower than I would like. I have never been a fast writer, but I would like to fall through some hole in the space-time-continuim and emerge with a mind that streams a fluid (and perfect) story and fingers that dance on the keyboard to keep up with it. 

I am hoping to post the first scene of the book sometime this month. I’ll let you know when it’s up.

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