Progress Report

Before my website decided to crash during an update and needed to be completely redone, I had made the promise to post about my progress on at least a weekly basis.

For the record, I haven’t been doing that. Also–for the record–it isn’t because I’m a flake, it’s because I have been so busy that when I’ve  told myself Gina you really should update your progress on your website, I’ve answered myself what if I just work on Jeremy and Eliza instead? and that’s what I’ve done each time.

Today is different because I’m supposed to be walking right now. Walking is (apparently) one of the best things you can do for insulin resistance which I was diagnosed with in January. That didn’t come as a surprise. I’d known I was hypoglycemic since I was in my early 20’s. What is surprising is how much has changed about treating blood sugar problems since then. Back in the day I was told to stay away from sugar. Now I’m told to stay away from starches and sugar drinks (sodas, juice, etc.). Apparently sugar itself is okay in moderate quantities. Since I’m not crazy about bread and potatoes, sodas, and juice, this isn’t a big deal (except I really miss rice). I can have an occasional See’s Candy or creme caramel, but not cookies or cake. Most importantly, I can still drink beer. And wine.

Anyway, the problem with walking in the morning is that I have to get dressed. As an Official Home-based Writer, I have adopted the official uniform which is my jammies and I usually stay in them until after lunch. Walking works better for me if I do it before I start writing for the day. In fact, walking works really well with writing because it often shakes loose ideas that I need for what I’m working on and I spend less time just looking at my computer monitor and wondering if it’s time to check my email…again.

But since it’s cold out there this morning and I am still in my jammies I decided it wasn’t really procrastinating if I made this update. So that’s why I’m Officially Posting that I have successfully completed a thorough outline of the The Unsuitable Earl which is essentially my first draft.

I cannot write “into the mist” as some writers do. If I don’t have a roadmap, I don’t know where I’m going and I tend to wander off into all sorts of other places…like research…or Facebook…or…you get the idea. Since this is a pretty thorough outline, I am in hopes that the draft I am working on now won’t need a HUGE amount of revising. It will need some. They always do. If I’m right about the revising, then I am not terribly (horribly, miserably) off-schedule. Even so, I am seriously lagging behind what I had promised many people who bought The Raven’s Revenge (especially those who have books promising a Winter 2012 release–oops). Those of you with books that promise a Spring 2013 release…it’s still possible.

Especially if I get up, put on my walking clothes, and get going.


3 thoughts on “Progress Report”

  1. Sorry to hear about your insulin resistance!
    And it is great you are walking! Good for you.

  2. Btw, I don’t know what that means, but I have to get up right away and get into comfortable work clothes. It would just feel weird to be in my pajamas for half the day. Glad this works for you!

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