Here I Sit

It’s raining outside. Grey clouds speed past my window. I’m listening to “A Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra,” a lovely piece I rediscovered the other day when I watched Moonrise KingdomI’m guessing the LP I had when I was a kid was conducted by Leonard Bernstein. The version I bought subsequent to hearing it on the movie was conducted by Richard Bonynge and features the London Symphony Orchestra. It’s just as wonderful.

The Google Oracle told me that the composer, Benjamin Britten, based it on a piece by Henry Purcell. I looked that up and discovered Purcell wrote it to accompany a play by Aphra Behn called Abdelazer or The Moor’s Revenge. Yes indeed, that’s Restoration Theatre. It’s from 1676 which is after my period by about ten years. Still, how exciting to have this bit of my childhood connect to the time period that I’ve been inspired to set my stories in.

I promised I’d report at least weekly on my progress and it’s almost been a week. I have to say that at this point, I’m still circling my wagons. I have the bones down, but I’m not sure if I have the right bones in the right places and I am still missing some important ones like a femur here and an ulna there. To help, I’ve been doing research of the theatre and social events of 1665. It’s one thing to know that Aphra Behn is out-of-period, but it’s quite another to know what play Jeremy might be sitting down to watch at the Theatre Royal on a spring afternoon in 1665. Now I do.

I won’t have a word count to share until I’m done with this plotting phase which is taking much longer than I expected. I thought I knew what was happening with my story. And I did, but there are bigger holes than I thought there were. Which has me finding just the right color thread to sew them up.

More later.