New Year’s Eve

Last night I filled in my new Edward Gorey calendar with birthdays and appointments and all the things I don’t want to forget in 2013. In the process I reviewed this year’s calendar and it explained why I’m not saying good-bye to 2012 as vigorously as I see others doing.

I’ve had a really fun year, partly because it has been a year of travel. In addition to the usual trips south to LA to see the kids, I went to Vegas (first real trip to that land of sin), did a two-week tour of San Diego county with the DH, spent a couple of days at Disneyland with the DH to celebrate our 30th anniversary, traveled to San Francisco twice to see good art, made it up to the lake and then sojourned to Oakland for almost a week on the way back. This was all topped by my trip to London in October which was so fantastic I’m still basking in its glow.

Next year will not have so many trips, especially not so big and so far. I hope to get to the lake in the summer and down to LA to see the kids (who I miss desperately if I don’t see at least every six weeks), and probably up to family in Santa Cruz and the bay area. But that’s it.

I’m dedicating this year to my writing and to publishing what I write and I’m laying it out here for all of you (friends, readers, writers, and spammerfolk) that I have the following plans:

1. write and finish THE UNSUITABLE EARL in time for a late April publication. This will be a challenge since it is still in its formative stages. However, the story *is* all there and others have written books much faster and it’s time for me to do that myself.

2. finish the YA story I’ve been working on for so very long. It’s got one big problem that will hopefully sort itself out while I work on EARL and then I need to revise that into the first two acts and finish the last two. I’m hoping it will be ready by summer. I don’t know if I’m going to shop it to agents or self-pub, but by then I should have figured this out.

3. there’s a novella I’ve been dying to write for several years. I’m going to let myself do it once I’m done with the bigger books. It’s a contemporary time-travel and it involves rock-n-roll.

4. then I’ll have to decide if I’m going to work on the YA sequel (it’s the first of a trilogy) or another Restoration based historical. It will likely be some time in mid-to-late summer and I’ll update my goals for you then.

I’m hoping that posting my progress at least weekly here on THE GINACHANNEL will keep me honest and accountable. One thing I have done this past year was find a couple of lovely writers in my community and we started an accountability group that meets weekly. But having the eyes of the internet upon me could likely prove to be a more powerful force to keep me on my path.

My other goals for the year are completely predictable: diet and exercise. I plan to eat healthy and keep moving. I’ll be thrilled if by summer there is slightly less of me, and I can touch my toes and do a decent plank for thirty seconds. One of these days I’ll tell you the story about my teacher and toe-touching in the fourth grade.